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Svarbi informacija ir patarimai norintiems įsidarbinti

Norėdami sėkmingai įsidarbinti Vokietijoje, jums būtina mokėti šnekamąją vokiečių kalbą. Dirbant vokiečių šeimose ir prižiūrint žmogų, kuriam reikalinga pagalba, be asmens priežiūros darbų, tokių kaip kūno higienos palaikymas, pagalba einant, apsirengiant, pavalgant, lankymasis pas gydytoją ir kitų funkcijų, jums reikės atlikti pagrindinius buities darbus - nuvykti į parduotuvę pirkinių, paruošti maistą, skalbti / lyginti drabužius, keisti patalynę, palaikyti tvarką.

Jei norite dirbti vokiečių šeimose, mes labai laukiame Jūsų savo įmonėje ir tikimės, kad Jūs:

If you are willing to work for Dutch families, we look forward to welcoming you to our company and hope that you are:

  • Fluent in Dutch, English or German (able to communicate in everyday life;
  • Have experience in nursing;
  • You are honest and caring;
  • Knowledge of household chores and have cooking skills.
Jei manote, kad tinkate šiam darbui, susisiekite su mumis arba užpildykite anketą mūsų svetainėje vokiečių k. Gavę ją, per 3 darbo dienas su Jumis susisieksime. Kad greičiau gautumėt darbą, mes rekomenduojame.

If you think you are suitable for this job, please contact us or fill in the form on our website in English. Our recommendations:

  • A completed CV in English. We will send you the forme;
  • Photos no older than 1 year (preferably not documentary);
  • References, thank you cards from former families (major advantage);
  • Impeccable reputation – Police clearance of good conduct (an advantage);
  • A medical booklet with a stamp "Available for work";
  • Valid passport or identity card and a European health insurance card;
  • Have a bank account number for the transfer of salary;
  • If you are required to drive a car in the workplace, you will need a driving licence.

We will contact you within 3 days of receiving it.

Privalumai dirbant mūsų įmonėje.

Benefits of working for us:

  • Legal employment in a Lithuanian company with full social security and compulsory health insurance (no employment fees). Wages are competitive with those of illegal work;
  • Employee accident insurance (valid 24 hours a day, both on departure and at home);
  • Our company will take care of you for the duration of your employment in Netherlands and you will feel safe and appreciated at your work. You won't be left alone in the event of a problem (we collaborate with trusted partners in Netherlands);
  • Flexible employment relationships (fixed-term, open-ended employment contract);
  • Christmas and Easter bonuses;
  • Help and advice in case of difficulties or problems;
  • Reimbursement of travel expenses;
  • Free accommodation and meals while working for the family.

We really do - we care!


Baltijos optimalūs sprendimai, VšĮ
Company code: 304286000
VAT code: LT100010287410

Phone +370 607 21893

Baltija LT, VšĮ
Company code: 304896651
VAT code: LT100011917812

Phone +370 614 57526

You can find us at:
Mainų str. 31, 94101 Klaipėda

Meet us on social: